The number one complaint of moms who are expecting is trying to deal with the aches and pains that are associated with carrying an unborn baby. As the body grows, the abdomen expands, and the baby becomes larger, mom experiences discomfit that is indescribable. Whether it is using a pregnancy pillow or getting a good massage, there are ways to alleviate the aches and pains that are associated with pregnancy. The following tips can help you get the comfort that you are looking for during a time when comfort seems impossible.

Getting plenty of rest.

Over exerting your pregnant body can cause you to have aches and pains. It can lead to muscle spasms throughout the night that threaten your sleep pattern. To avoid over-exertion, allow your body periods of rest throughout the day.  Prop your feet up and relax for 20 to 30 minutes a couple of times day. Your body needs rest. If you do not get rest during the day, you may pay for it during the night.

Purchasing a pregnancy pillow.

A really popular and best way to deal with the aches and pains of pregnancy is buying a pregnancy pillow. If you find that you cannot get comfortable at night because of an aching back, neck, or pelvis, a pregnancy pillow may be your answer. Available in many shapes and sizes, there is sure to be a pregnancy pillow that can help alleviate the pain you are feeling and help you get a comfortable night rest. The results will be immediate. You will be sleeping better in no time.


Another good answer to the aches and pains is massage. This is especially true in the latter part of your pregnancy when the aches and pains are most prevalent. Dad to be can be the perfect answer to a good massage. Many partners are willing to help out with massages because they are aware of the pain that you are going through.

Light exercise.

It is important that you make the attempt to keep your body in shape during pregnancy. Consider walking a short distance daily to try to help with the aches and pain. Be careful not to overdo it. Do not start any vigorous exercise program without first consulting your doctor.

Exercising vigorously can increase your aches and pains. If you do choose to exercise, make sure it is very light and that the moves are recommended for people who are expecting.

Soothing the aches and pains that come with being pregnant can be a challenge. Thankfully, this challenge has been met by items such as the pregnancy pillow. If you are uncomfortable because of pregnancy, consider purchasing a pregnancy pillow.  Get plenty of rest during the day to avoid aches and pains that you may feel at night.

Massages and light exercise can also help with the aches and pains. Most importantly, take advantage of advice offered by other moms who have been able to beat the aches and pains of pregnancy.