Teaching Naked

Nope! This is not about what you had in mind. The training was completed earlier than originally planned, which forced me to work on presentation more quickly than I had planned. All in all, I am happy with the end result. Here is what I created for my presentation. I plan to use this in the Fall Semester. The students will essentially do the lecture outside of class.

With the help of some top professors on my school, calcustar and my techy friends, we created online lectures that will help students big time!

They will watch the powerpoint (converted to flash). The powerpoint will direct them periodically to stop and look at examples, the links of which are posted to the left of the powerpoint. They will be required to fill out a lecture outline with their notes from the lecture.

So, either they do the lecture themselves or copy it from someone who did. I think it is beneficially either way. Besides, that’s not much different than how they do the homework.By requiring the lecture to be completed outside of class, this will free up 100% of the class time for more focused, one-on-one type of help, or for demonstrations.

I can skip the routine stuff and spend extra time discussing the typical mistakes. The lectures can now be more flexible, instead of being so insanely driven by ‘I have to get to this point today or I’m behind schedule’ or, more often, ’I have to get to this point today because I’m already behind schedule’.

It is best viewed in fullscreen. While I understand that you may want to explore the page rapidly just to get a summary of what I’ve done, don’t do this too quickly, as my server provider will lock down my website from ‘high cpu usage.’  I know this because it happened to me when I was testing the links.

The dangers of shared hosting….that’s a topic for a future post. I have only completed one section of the course (out of nearly 40). It was my original intent to complete all 40 sections this summer. Then I lowered my goal to just completing the first chapter (6 sections). Now that is in danger of not happening. I need to get on the ball.

I’ll either try to stay one chapter ahead, and use this all semester. Or I might just give myself a break and just do Chapter 2, pilot it, see how it works, before doing the whole course like this.  I probably need to make sure it is effective, accessible to all students, and something my students will benefit from, before I do the whole course.

I’d hate to spend hours upon hours completing the online lectures for the whole course, only to find out that the students hate it, the grades are worse than usual, etc, etc. Well, let me know what you think.  I could certainly use the feedback. I just realized that some of the links are broken. I will have to fix that….sometime soon. Thanks for reading.  Please leave comments or questions.